Design Process


How it works

Let's work together to create something truly special.  Our custom products are hand-made in Canada using the finest materials.  Follow these steps so we can create your perfect item.

Step 2.
Pick your fabric design

Pick a design off our website or off our partner's website.
Step 3.
Give us the fabric information

Write down / copy the information we need to make your item.  Please copy the fabric name, the fabrics website link and the spoonflower's design#.  If you chose a fabric off our site, we don't need the design # filled in.  

Fill out the form

Paste the fabric name, the spoonflower design# (only if you used to pick a fabric), and the fabric's website address.

Step 4.
Customize your item

You can now select your customzations.  Depending on the product, you can choose different sizes or seasons, minky style and color, zipper color, and even embroider a name.

Step 5.
Review your order

Once your customizations are complete, you can review your item on the cart page before completing the order.