The mission has always been to keep babies warm, comfortable and safe. Especially in times like the present, there is never too much protection for a child.


It all started with Minky Blankets. Gliz was a Facebook and Etsy driven hobby fuelled with a passion to sew. We operated out of our home, where everyday customers would pop by and choose their custom prints for their blanket. As years went by and the Gliz community began to grow, we knew we were much more than just a blanket.

With an abundant amount of requests from customers to create a baby car seat cover, Susanna and Elizabeth finally went to the drawing board. "I got so inspired by it, it was as if I got a calling. Looking back everything seemed to fall in place, the enthusiasm was overwhelming, I was so impressed with the outcome that I almost worked 24/7 to get this cover to the market." - (Susanna) After years of perfecting, the Gliz Design's shower-cap style truly became a fit like no other.

Fast-forward 15 years, using all the feedback and reviews provided, we believe we finally did it, and more. With the help of Paul, In 2019 we officially opened the Gliz Design website, that you see today. Built around community, diversity, self-expression and so much more. We are here to showcase designs by independent artists around the world, while using an eco-friendly, sustainable fabric manufacturing company that provides over a million designs to choose from to spark your imagination.

Our Leaders
Our Leaders
Elizabeth is the founder of Gliz Design, better known as "Liz". Liz was raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where she grew her talents to sew and create. She also owns a small business, Liz Alterations, where her passion in providing alteration services for bridal and graduation attire is admirable. In her spare time, Liz loves gardening, going for walks, attending the Word Church and spending time with her husband and three kids
Our Leaders
Born and raised in Lloydminster, Alberta, Dyson works as Gliz Design's General Manager. Since 2020, he has been working with customers, organizing and preparing orders, and keeping on top of the website. He loves spending time with his dog, Gracie, and taking her for walks. Dyson also enjoys hockey, golfing, and traveling in his free time.