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Shipping and Returns

• Custom Orders: Ships in 4-6 Weeks.

• Warranty: 30 day warranty is offered on all covers.

Please contact us for any additional questions.

Safety Guidelines

Never leave your child in the nest unattended. Do not place nest inside another product such as a crib, playpen, cradle, or bassinet. Do not place baby nests on any furniture, bed, counter, seat, or any other fixture. Do not use and place nest by stairs. Our nests are to be used on a flat and level ground surface to prevent suffocation and injury. Do not let your baby sleep in the nest. Babies should be sleeping in a crib, bassinet, cradle, playpen or a product that is meant for sleep. Always place baby on their back in the nest. Always supervise baby during tummy time! Do not add or place any products or accessories inside the nest with your baby. Do not modify our baby nests in anyway. Do not use our nest if product becomes damaged. Always examine product for damage before use. Ensure side zipper is fully closed when using your nest. Do not let baby put any parts of the nest in their mouth. If using your nest outdoors, keep your nest away from open flames and again, never leave your baby unattended. Safely stow away product when not in use.


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