Let's work together to create something truly special.

Our custom products are hand-made in Canada using the finest materials. Follow these steps so we can create your perfect item.

Step 1.

From the DESIGN & CUSTOMIZE menu, choose your product to customize.

Step 2.

Visit our partner spoonflower.com to search for a design.

Step 3.

Search for your favourite design on Spoonflower.com. Use the Search Bar to look up specific styles!

Step 4.

Write down / copy the fabric information such as the Fabric Name, and Design Number. This information is used when customizing a product.

Step 5.

Copy & paste or type the Fabric Name, and Design Number you wrote down in Step 4. Now you can begin selecting your customizations!

Review your customizations on the Checkout Page before entering your payment information.

Confirm that you have received a Confirmation Email once you've finished checking out.


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